Different Types of Sofa Sets to Buy in Melbourne

Sofa bed, modular sofa, Love seat, Chaise sofa, Sectional, Rolled Arm sofa, Lounge suit, Recliner, Futon, Pulled Out sofa bed, Chesterfield, Recliner chair, Daybed, Divan!!! Puzzling, right? These are the names of the different kinds of sofas available in the market. Well, you might discover few more names if you browse the websites of the furniture stores for some more minutes!!! If you are wondering why so many names and types and how to choose the right kind for your convenience, then the article is for you. Actually, if you observe closely then you will see that many of them have different names but have same functions. Here are few popular types of sofa sets and their functions.

Hopper 2 Seater Sofa

Love seat

This is one of the most common type of sofas that has been used from the time of invention of sofas. As the name suggests, Love seats are conventionally made for two people. Comes in many styles and designs but the main specification remains the same- it’s a sofa for two people.

Sofa Bed

Maple Sofa Bed

Sofa beds are multifunctional furniture pieces. In other word, it can be called as transformer! This type of sofa can transform into a recliner and then into a bed. So, these Sofa beds are not only a great place to sit but also a great place for you or your guests to lie down, perfect for modern city dwellers.

Diva Sectional Sofa


As you can see from the picture, the sectionals are luxurious, large sofas that have more than one pieces attached. The most common shapes are L-shaped Sectional and U-shaped Sectional. Since this usually takes more space, so ideal for big home with a spacious living space. For the same reason, it is not liked by many. However, give it a consideration if your space permits.

Chesterfield sofa

Francis Sofa

This type of sofas is best known for the attractive deep quilting and rolled arms. It can be of one seater, two-seater aka loveseat or even some manufacturer make three-seater Chesterfield sofa. This is a very popular choice as it takes less space and looks very beautiful in the living room.

Chaise Lounge

Nowra Chaise Sofa

Many of us get confused between a chaise lounge and divan sofas as both of them have few similarities. They are very much suitable for unwinding rather than just sitting. Some chaise lounges have an arm while others have no arm.  Some are attached to the large sectional sofas while some are manufactured as a single item. Due to its specification, the chaise lounge is extremely popular in a large size bedroom décor.

Dream Recliner


The reclining sofa is a type of couch, but has grown in popularity as they’re great for unwinding and watching television. They do not look ideal for the formal living room setting, but very much suitable if you want a more comfy, casual setting.

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Why It Is Important to Invest in Quality Furniture

You are all set to start living in your new apartment, just waiting to fill it with few pieces of furniture and home décor items. Now have you decided whether you are going to buy cheap furniture items that will last you a few years and not break the bank, or buy something that costs a little more money but will last you for many years to come.

Even though it might cost some extra money, it is always wise to invest in high quality furniture. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

The look says it all

The fact is, cheap furniture usually looks cheap. And since furniture pieces are the first things that comes in the vicinity of yours and your guests, so there is no doubt that it would always remind you about your choice of buying cheap, low quality furniture. So, if you can afford it then absolutely go for the high end, comfortable furniture.

Consider the cost of repairing

The cheap furniture will also provide you low quality service. There will be frequent breaking, damaging etc. so repairing these will be a big hassle, let alone the money it will cost. Even if you don’t need it to last for long, consider the inconvenience you’ll face when you need to replace after just a couple of years or possibly even months.

High Quality high Comfort

There are few furniture pieces that are inevitable and absolutely necessary for having a comfortable rest at home. For example- your bed, couch, sofa set, dining set etc. You pass a significant amount of time on these furniture pieces; hence these should be highly comfortable and beneficial to health. Only high-quality furniture can ensure these benefits.

Setting the right mood at your home

Right type of home décor and furniture items can rejuvenate your mood for the next day. On the other hand, your mood will be spoiled when you walk into a home that has an air of neglect to it. So, why not paying some extra bucks for this rejuvenation years after years?

Ensuring Children safety Specifications

If you have children at home then cheap quality, hazardous furniture items are absolutely no no. There should not be any sharp edges in your tallboy or dresser/dressing table. Thin glass furniture are also not advisable. These child safety specifications are only found in high quality furniture, so you can choose to have less items at your home but all of them should be safe for your children.

Now if you are worried about the cost then here is a tip for you. Wait for the festival offer and year end sale that are provided by many well reputed furniture stores in Melbourne. It will let you buy quality furniture at a much-discounted price. After all, it is always a good idea to have few aesthetic, quality furniture at home rather than populating it with lots of low quality, hazardous furniture pieces.

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What to Know Before You Buy Barstools

Barstools can be a very necessary furniture item in your dining or kitchen area. For a small space, a set of barstools may work better than a regular dining set, because these are narrower, and require less space than chairs. These are used not only in interior of a house, but also in the café and bar. It is manufactured in different shapes and by using different kinds of materials while keeping in mind the various kinds of use. This blog will guide you to your favourite barstool set through few useful instructions.

Consider the Space

Consider how much space you have, and how it is shaped. To determine the size of your barstools, measure the vacant area. Make sure to leave enough space around your bar table and stools to be able to walk comfortably. Apply the same principles even if you want to place it outdoor.

Do Your Research

The definition of beauty and comfort varies from person to person. This is even applicable while buying furniture items. This is why you must research thoroughly to know which barstool works best for you. Is it wooden seat or luxurious leather upholstered seat will be suit for you. There are many different types out there, but only one type meets your comfort. Consider visiting Melbournian Furniture store for a personalized service. Here you will be able to check your new barstool personally. Take time and sit there before you actually end up buying one.

Material Choice

It is one of the essential factors when choosing barstools. A barstool should be made of durable material and it should have sturdy seat. Some stores in Australia sell barstools that have cozy leatherette upholstery with which you can never go wrong with.

Style and Comfort

Do the barstools you want to buy complement your other furniture especially the bar table? Make sure that your modern barstool in Melbourne gives your home that cohesive feeling. The choice of color should also be determined by the current theme of your house.

Last but not the least, do not forget to check whether the barstool has few specifications such as- heavy duty footrest, gas lift mechanism, circular chrome base for shiny look and floor mounting with rubber floor protector etc. as these are important for increasing the comfort level and reducing the risk of injury.  

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A Complete Affordable Furniture Guide for Starting a New Family

Are you going to start your new family? We understand that there is a huge list of items to buy for your new home. But don’t get too stressed as you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a beautiful home. A low budget doesn’t have to be a roadblock to high style. Read this article to see how you can create a lovely home décor with these following furniture pieces without spending a huge amount.


seashore bed frame 1

Choosing a perfect bed frame in a budget can be a daunting task. However, if you are not much in the league of fancy designs, then the simple design of Mondeo Fabric bed frame will soothe your eyes. It has medium padded headboard which provides backrest for the persons who want to sit up and read. This bed is all about functionality in a great cost.

Like this? Then you will also like AliceSeashore, and Woodstyle bed. Have a look yourself.

Tallboy and Bedside Table

Black BST+TBY-500x500

After a bed frame, now you will need a tallboy and perhaps a bedside table. You can have a look at the Acacia tallboy and Acacia bedside table. These are really pocket friendly. Try to choose such items which come in a package, because it will cost you less than buying every furniture piece for a particular room separately.

Like this? Then you may also like SohoAlice Tallboy and Bedside Table. Just browse the names!

Sofa, Chaise or Recliners

Nikki 2+3-500x500 (1)
Nikki 3+2 Seater

Whether you decide to buy a sofa, chaise or recliner, make sure the construction of the furniture is sturdy enough to sit on for a long time in your living room. The material can be either metal or wood but it should be of high quality. There are lots of options out there to buy from, for example- york sofaDiva sofaNikki sofaAlan recliner etc. will be very much affordable to buy.

Dining Table and Chairs

Seashore Dining Table with 6X Chairs

Now coming to another essential items for new home. Yes, its dining set where you will have your most important meals with your loved one, again you may invite friends over dinner to share the joy of starting a family. So, it is really important to choose a nice and functional dining table. Go for SeashoreNowra or Nouva Dining set for functionalism and a complete dining room look.


So, these were the most essential furniture items for your new home. Once you are more settled, you can choose to buy other items such as coffee table, entertainment unit, dresser, a matching bedhead etc. at your convenient time. Try to shop for the furniture items when the furniture stores offer discount. If you are living in Australia then there will be many such events like Black Friday sale, Christmas sale, Boxing Day sale, New Year sale, Super Summer sale etc. so, be vigilant and save yourself a handsome amount. Congratulations and best wish for your new home!

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Stylish Glass Made Furniture Ideas for the City-dwellers

Furniture in glass has an everlasting appeal of being classic and contemporary at the same time, and glass design is sure to create a shining effect in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Read below to have home décor ideas with stylish glass made furniture.

Luxurious Leather Sofa with Glass Light

diva-500x500 (2)

Wondering how a leather sofa can be made of glass? Well, it necessarily doesn’t have to have complete glass structure. Furniture designers are now designing innovating luxurious sofas which has shining side light covered by glass. This creates a sophisticated illuminating look in a living room. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? If you are living in Australia, then search the online furniture stores to have some idea before actually placing your order.

Sturdy Tempered Glass Dining Table

z table02-500x500 (2)

If you are fascinated towards glass furniture and want to have at least one piece of glass made furniture in every room of your home, then pay special attention to dining tables. As it is one of the center pieces of your home. You usually entertain your close guests over there. And also, don’t forget about any party at your home. Won’t it be nice to entertain your guests with tasty, mouth watering dishes while serving those on a stunning glass top dining table?

Stunning Glass Top Coffee Table

coffee table step BL-500x500 (2)

Pay attention to the same details mentioned in the glass dining table section. The top of the coffee table should be strong and sturdy enough to hold snacks tray and your coffee pot.

Stylish TV Unit with Strong Glass Top


The glossy finish of a TV unit having Tempered Glass Top will make a worthy addition in your living space. Choose such TV cabinet which is polished to perfection with a shiny finish for a dazzling look. Again, be sure that thick tempered glass shelf is added for ensuring safety. Top of the TV cabinet should be strong enough to accommodate any television unit and few necessary entertainment items.

Table Lamps with Dazzling Glass Beads

Now that you have covered the functional furniture pieces, let’s come to the home décor part. For this, you can choose crystal table lamp which have crystal or glass beads. The light of the crystal table lamp will then refract a whole spectrum of colour, creating a beautiful prism effect.

Glass Furniture will make a functional furniture piece cum stylish home décor items. These will instantly grab the attention of your guests with the shiny, bright look. So, go ahead and glam up your home with glass made furniture right away.

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