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A Complete Affordable Furniture Guide for Starting a New Family

Are you going to start your new family? We understand that there is a huge list of items to buy for your new home. But don’t get too stressed as you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a beautiful home. A low budget doesn’t have to be a roadblock to high style. Read this article to see how you can create a lovely home décor with these following furniture pieces without spending a huge amount.


seashore bed frame 1

Choosing a perfect bed frame in a budget can be a daunting task. However, if you are not much in the league of fancy designs, then the simple design of Mondeo Fabric bed frame will soothe your eyes. It has medium padded headboard which provides backrest for the persons who want to sit up and read. This bed is all about functionality in a great cost.

Like this? Then you will also like AliceSeashore, and Woodstyle bed. Have a look yourself.

Tallboy and Bedside Table

Black BST+TBY-500x500

After a bed frame, now you will need a tallboy and perhaps a bedside table. You can have a look at the Acacia tallboy and Acacia bedside table. These are really pocket friendly. Try to choose such items which come in a package, because it will cost you less than buying every furniture piece for a particular room separately.

Like this? Then you may also like SohoAlice Tallboy and Bedside Table. Just browse the names!

Sofa, Chaise or Recliners

Nikki 2+3-500x500 (1)
Nikki 3+2 Seater

Whether you decide to buy a sofa, chaise or recliner, make sure the construction of the furniture is sturdy enough to sit on for a long time in your living room. The material can be either metal or wood but it should be of high quality. There are lots of options out there to buy from, for example- york sofaDiva sofaNikki sofaAlan recliner etc. will be very much affordable to buy.

Dining Table and Chairs

Seashore Dining Table with 6X Chairs

Now coming to another essential items for new home. Yes, its dining set where you will have your most important meals with your loved one, again you may invite friends over dinner to share the joy of starting a family. So, it is really important to choose a nice and functional dining table. Go for SeashoreNowra or Nouva Dining set for functionalism and a complete dining room look.


So, these were the most essential furniture items for your new home. Once you are more settled, you can choose to buy other items such as coffee table, entertainment unit, dresser, a matching bedhead etc. at your convenient time. Try to shop for the furniture items when the furniture stores offer discount. If you are living in Australia then there will be many such events like Black Friday sale, Christmas sale, Boxing Day sale, New Year sale, Super Summer sale etc. so, be vigilant and save yourself a handsome amount. Congratulations and best wish for your new home!

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Stylish Glass Made Furniture Ideas for the City-dwellers

Furniture in glass has an everlasting appeal of being classic and contemporary at the same time, and glass design is sure to create a shining effect in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Read below to have home décor ideas with stylish glass made furniture.

Luxurious Leather Sofa with Glass Light

diva-500x500 (2)

Wondering how a leather sofa can be made of glass? Well, it necessarily doesn’t have to have complete glass structure. Furniture designers are now designing innovating luxurious sofas which has shining side light covered by glass. This creates a sophisticated illuminating look in a living room. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? If you are living in Australia, then search the online furniture stores to have some idea before actually placing your order.

Sturdy Tempered Glass Dining Table

z table02-500x500 (2)

If you are fascinated towards glass furniture and want to have at least one piece of glass made furniture in every room of your home, then pay special attention to dining tables. As it is one of the center pieces of your home. You usually entertain your close guests over there. And also, don’t forget about any party at your home. Won’t it be nice to entertain your guests with tasty, mouth watering dishes while serving those on a stunning glass top dining table?

Stunning Glass Top Coffee Table

coffee table step BL-500x500 (2)

Pay attention to the same details mentioned in the glass dining table section. The top of the coffee table should be strong and sturdy enough to hold snacks tray and your coffee pot.

Stylish TV Unit with Strong Glass Top


The glossy finish of a TV unit having Tempered Glass Top will make a worthy addition in your living space. Choose such TV cabinet which is polished to perfection with a shiny finish for a dazzling look. Again, be sure that thick tempered glass shelf is added for ensuring safety. Top of the TV cabinet should be strong enough to accommodate any television unit and few necessary entertainment items.

Table Lamps with Dazzling Glass Beads

Now that you have covered the functional furniture pieces, let’s come to the home décor part. For this, you can choose crystal table lamp which have crystal or glass beads. The light of the crystal table lamp will then refract a whole spectrum of colour, creating a beautiful prism effect.

Glass Furniture will make a functional furniture piece cum stylish home décor items. These will instantly grab the attention of your guests with the shiny, bright look. So, go ahead and glam up your home with glass made furniture right away.

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Low Budget Furniture Ideas for Your Home in Australia

A low budget doesn’t necessarily have to be a barrier to a beautiful home décor. Are you wondering if this is actually possible or not? Yes, it’s very well possible if you play smart with the furniture selection process. Now-a-days furniture stores in Australia sell vintage style furniture which look like ancient and royal but actually come in an affordable cost. If you can pick these furniture items for your home tastefully, then you will be able to get the look you desire while maintaining a budget that works for you. Today We will show you how to spend less and get more when buying furniture for your home.

Bedroom Furniture


Instead of actual wood, you can choose MDF bedroom furniture suite which present a vintage look with its MDF board construction. MDF looks like natural wood, so it is quite hard to distinguish it from the actual wooden furniture. But it comes to you in much cheaper price than wooden beds. Also try to buy bedroom suite altogether as it would cost you much less than buying every bedroom item individually.

Living Room Furniture

boston sofa

Since the plan is to create a vintage look without breaking your pocket, so this time also you can keep your faith in MDF or particle board with walnut finish. See if you can buy a sofa with an inbuilt table in it, then you don’t have to buy an additional coffee table.

Dining Room Items

nowra dining Set-01-500x500

For dining table and chairs, you can just choose something from MDF or Veneered Acacia Frames with a simple and minimal design. Since the aim is to avoid anything exotic, so you can refrain from buying any high-end glass table or leatherette chair sets. Or else, if you want to save more then you can just buy a discountedBuffet in walnut colour and place few barstools around it. It will serve double purpose while letting you save some more.

These low budget furniture ideas will be great for newly married couples who are decorating their new home. Since they will need many pieces of furniture at a time, so these smart choices will put them at ease without costing them a fortune. Again, mature personas can also give it a try if they are bored with the same contemporary style furniture and want to refurbish their home décor. If you have something of this sort in your mind, then do let us know which one is your favourite in the comment section.



Why Should You Invest in Leather Upholstered Bed Frame?

Leather has always been a top choice as a furniture upholstery material from ages. It still appeals our buyers for several reasons. Have a look below to find out why you should opt for a leather upholstered bed for your bedroom.

The luxurious Feel


The luxurious feel that a quality leather bed can provide in your bedroom, cannot be gained by any other type of bed. It can instantly change the entire ambience of your bedroom. This is the very first reason leather bed is so widely preferred by the world. If you love the style, you should invest in leather upholstered bed frame that will give your room the best appearance that you have always wanted.


Serena bed-500x500 (1)

Quality is something that we should always check before buying any furniture. Cheap upholstery may look good today but it will eventually fade within time, thus your money will not be utilized properly. So, it is better to buy something that you will be able to use for years. Usually the quality leather is durable, resistant to weather and strains. Leather makes a good impression because of the quality.


Soho bed frame 01-500x500

Comfort is something that you should never overlook when buying bed frame. When it comes to comfort, leather cannot be compared to other fabrics because it removes heat quickly and you will find that leather is comfortable in almost every weather. Also, leather is unique and has natural qualities and when it ages, it even becomes softer henceforth adding its comfort. It looks even more inviting as it ages instead of being worn-out and uncomfortable.


Grande Bed-500x500 (1)


The leather upholstered beds are much more durable than other materials such as fabricLeather beds are easy to maintain and this is the reason people prefer to buy leather beds. The ease of maintenance makes leather beds the most practical category of bed. Any food spill or stain can be easily and instantly removed with a single wipe of a wet cloth. It has natural properties that make it remain strong even when there are seams. It will also resist spills, and other dirt and the cleaning process is not tough as can just be wiped and it becomes clean.

bravo w-500x500 (1)

So, as you can see leather bed would be something that is good in appearance and highly fashionable. Now, if you are bothering about the price, then relax. Here is a tip for you. If you check online, then you will find few renowned furniture stores in Melbourne are offering store clearance sale at this moment. This would be a great chance for you to grab the opportunity.

So, what are you waiting for…. Start browsing right away!!!

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Best Quality Mattresses in Australia

If your existing mattress is not healthy enough to support your sound sleep, then it is the time you changed your old mattress without any further delay. This article will guide you to select the suitable mattress for you among a wide range of comfortable and stylish collection of mattresses in Melbourne. Have a look below to find out about some of the best quality mattresses in Melbourne

Pocket Spring Mattress


At this moment the most hyped and highly popular mattresses are those which have pocketsprings in it. These are famous for ensuring ‘no partner disturbance’. These revolutionary individual pocket spring systems provides enhanced comfort and support through hundreds of freestanding springs, each precisely encased in fabric, allowing the springs to move completely independent of each other and giving every square inch of your back and body unique support. This feature not only relieves joint pressure and improves blood circulation, but also reduces partner disturbance, allowing both you and your loved one to enjoy an equally blissful and undisturbed sleep night after night.


Bonnell Spring Mattress

If you are not that fan of pocket coil mattress, then you can opt for bonnel springmattresses. These have wire coils as the support structure. This mattress has a strong border wire attached to the perimeter of the coils. The border wire supports the coils, helping to retain shape and reduce sagging. Spring mattresses are great at distributing weight, so there will be no undue pressure on any part of your body, giving you a restful, supported night’s sleep. Plus, spring mattresses are extremely durable, so they offer great value for money too.

mpt- Q-500x500


Memory Foam Mattress

The name says it all; it has “Memory” foam which remembers the shape of your body when you lie on it. That is why, these Memory Foam Mattresses are very much favourite among those who want the same posture while sleeping good night’s sleep.


lpt q-500x500

Natural Latex Mattress

Latex is the best all-natural mattress material that Mother Nature can give. Contrary to other foams, such as high density foam, gel or visco-elastic memory foam which are all made of a chemical reaction of petroleum derivatives. This Premium natural latex layer is elastic and resilient which will give you a feel of relaxation. It is weather resistant and adjust with your body shape. If nature appeals you more than anything, then definitely go for the mattresses which have natural latex in it.

So, which one you think will be convenient for you?

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