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A Complete Affordable Furniture Guide for Starting a New Family

Are you going to start your new family? We understand that there is a huge list of items to buy for your new home. But don’t get too stressed as you don’t have to spend a fortune to make a beautiful home. A low budget doesn’t have to be a roadblock to high style. Read this article to see how you can create a lovely home décor with these following furniture pieces without spending a huge amount.


seashore bed frame 1

Choosing a perfect bed frame in a budget can be a daunting task. However, if you are not much in the league of fancy designs, then the simple design of Mondeo Fabric bed frame will soothe your eyes. It has medium padded headboard which provides backrest for the persons who want to sit up and read. This bed is all about functionality in a great cost.

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Tallboy and Bedside Table

Black BST+TBY-500x500

After a bed frame, now you will need a tallboy and perhaps a bedside table. You can have a look at the Acacia tallboy and Acacia bedside table. These are really pocket friendly. Try to choose such items which come in a package, because it will cost you less than buying every furniture piece for a particular room separately.

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Sofa, Chaise or Recliners

Nikki 2+3-500x500 (1)
Nikki 3+2 Seater

Whether you decide to buy a sofa, chaise or recliner, make sure the construction of the furniture is sturdy enough to sit on for a long time in your living room. The material can be either metal or wood but it should be of high quality. There are lots of options out there to buy from, for example- york sofaDiva sofaNikki sofaAlan recliner etc. will be very much affordable to buy.

Dining Table and Chairs

Seashore Dining Table with 6X Chairs

Now coming to another essential items for new home. Yes, its dining set where you will have your most important meals with your loved one, again you may invite friends over dinner to share the joy of starting a family. So, it is really important to choose a nice and functional dining table. Go for SeashoreNowra or Nouva Dining set for functionalism and a complete dining room look.


So, these were the most essential furniture items for your new home. Once you are more settled, you can choose to buy other items such as coffee table, entertainment unit, dresser, a matching bedhead etc. at your convenient time. Try to shop for the furniture items when the furniture stores offer discount. If you are living in Australia then there will be many such events like Black Friday sale, Christmas sale, Boxing Day sale, New Year sale, Super Summer sale etc. so, be vigilant and save yourself a handsome amount. Congratulations and best wish for your new home!

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