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Stylish Glass Made Furniture Ideas for the City-dwellers

Furniture in glass has an everlasting appeal of being classic and contemporary at the same time, and glass design is sure to create a shining effect in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Read below to have home décor ideas with stylish glass made furniture.

Luxurious Leather Sofa with Glass Light

diva-500x500 (2)

Wondering how a leather sofa can be made of glass? Well, it necessarily doesn’t have to have complete glass structure. Furniture designers are now designing innovating luxurious sofas which has shining side light covered by glass. This creates a sophisticated illuminating look in a living room. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? If you are living in Australia, then search the online furniture stores to have some idea before actually placing your order.

Sturdy Tempered Glass Dining Table

z table02-500x500 (2)

If you are fascinated towards glass furniture and want to have at least one piece of glass made furniture in every room of your home, then pay special attention to dining tables. As it is one of the center pieces of your home. You usually entertain your close guests over there. And also, don’t forget about any party at your home. Won’t it be nice to entertain your guests with tasty, mouth watering dishes while serving those on a stunning glass top dining table?

Stunning Glass Top Coffee Table

coffee table step BL-500x500 (2)

Pay attention to the same details mentioned in the glass dining table section. The top of the coffee table should be strong and sturdy enough to hold snacks tray and your coffee pot.

Stylish TV Unit with Strong Glass Top


The glossy finish of a TV unit having Tempered Glass Top will make a worthy addition in your living space. Choose such TV cabinet which is polished to perfection with a shiny finish for a dazzling look. Again, be sure that thick tempered glass shelf is added for ensuring safety. Top of the TV cabinet should be strong enough to accommodate any television unit and few necessary entertainment items.

Table Lamps with Dazzling Glass Beads

Now that you have covered the functional furniture pieces, let’s come to the home décor part. For this, you can choose crystal table lamp which have crystal or glass beads. The light of the crystal table lamp will then refract a whole spectrum of colour, creating a beautiful prism effect.

Glass Furniture will make a functional furniture piece cum stylish home décor items. These will instantly grab the attention of your guests with the shiny, bright look. So, go ahead and glam up your home with glass made furniture right away.

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What To Be Taken Care Of While Buying Sectionals Sofa

Sectionals- Sofas with two or more pieces, are a great option for whole families to relax together and if there is a chaise section, then this becomes even more convenient for watching TV while resting your feet up. While there are such pros of a large sectional, it is not completely out of cons. Some families find it not suitable as it occupies bigger space and placing it against the wall is not always an option. So, it is advisable that before deciding to buy a sectional for your living room, you must be careful of few things such as Right arm facing chaise or left arm facing sectional will work in your room.

To help you avoid any costly mistake, here are some of the most important tips for you-

First, let’s get started with sectional terminology.

sectional sofa

ʺLeft-armʺ and ʺright-armʺ describes the position of the arm when you face the piece. Making it more clear- “Right arm facing” (RAF) means that when you are facing the section, the arm is on your right. “Left arm facing” (LAF) means that the arm is on your left. Getting the proper-facing arm is critical, because let’s say you have bought a left arm facing sectional for your room but that room has a sofa placeable wall on the right side- in this case you will not be able to place the sofa or even if do, it would look terribly odd. So, to have harmony between your sectional and your overall space, placement of the arm is very crucial.

Marina sofa

Second, there is no need that you have to join more than two pieces to make your room look elegant. In fact, sectionals with two pieces look more decent. The less sections you will add, the less will be the costing. For example, take a look at the slim and stylish Marina Sofa .




majestic sofa -500x500 (1)

Third, measurement is one of the important things that you should keep in your mind while searching for your new sofa. Measure your wall against which you want to place your sofa beforehand and whenever, you go to a store or shop from online sites, don’t forget to ask them the exact measurement and match it with your required one.




Diva w-500x500 (1)After deciding on the size of your sectionalsofas, it is time to consider which material you want it to be made of. Here also, you will find a wide variety to choose from. These can be made of fabricleatherlinenleatherette etc. with wood or metal made structure in most cases. The best way to find out which material will best fit in your room is to have a look around your other furniture and choose such material which will complement those.

Finally, choose a sectional for your living room only if the space allows it and you are comfortable with the idea of a corner sofa at your home. Financial year end sale is going on in most of the furniturestores in Melbourne. So, if you are currently planning to buy sofa, then be sure to avail yourself of this big opportunity.

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Sofa Selection Guide: Materials To Choose From

Diva Black

It’s important to find a sofa that suits the need of the whole family. Some families need the modular sofa for placing it indoor and in more formal settings whereas some of us need it for sitting outdoor.  For these two kinds of settings sofa choices would be different. If sofas are placed indoor in a living room, then you can opt for fancy, delicate materials lounge suite. Otherwise, in an outdoor setting where sofas will receive direct sunlight, dirt and dust; you should choose a more resilient material. Again, some of us may need multifunctional sofa bed to host overnight guests, again chaise sofa can be used for relaxing while watching TV. These factors will determine which sofa material will be able to meet your need.Here are some popular sofa materials with their pros and cons.

York 3+2+1 Brown

Leather: Read the following pros and cons of leather sofa to understand whether it is suitable to your household or not-


  • Sofas made from genuine leather is very much durable compared to faux leather.
  • Dust particles can be fully removed from leather sofas. You do not have to remove cushion cover like fabric sofas to wash it, what you need to do is wiping it off with a clean cloth. This feature is very much helpful for the persons who have sensitivity towards dust particles.
  • Pet fur doesn’t get stuck in the leather cushions. Just brush it off or vacuum clean to get rid of unwanted material.


  • Scratch caused by sharp objects or pets can be proved fatal for leather sofas. Though genuine leather can be more durable and scratch proof than the faux leather, it can be hard to distinguish between them in the initial stage without the help of expert.
  • Direct sunlight can fade the leather overtime, so placing it outdoor is not an option at all.
  • Leather can provide a slippery feeling while sitting on it.
  • Price of leather sofas can be comparatively higher than the fabric sofas.

York Teal 3+2

Fabric: Fabric is another popular material for sofa upholstery. It can be of many types like linen, cotton etc. Here are some of its pros and cons-


  • Fabric is available in various colours and patterns.
  • Fabric especially cotton or dust is more resistant to wear and tear.
  • Fabric upholstered sofas are comparatively cheaper than leather upholstered sofas.
  • Some fabric upholstered sofas come with removable covers, which allows you to wash it with soap or detergent.
  • Fabric is less sensitive to sunlight. Hence, you do not need to worry about your fabric sofa being little exposed to sunlight.


  • Pet hair can be hard to remove from fabric cover.
  • If the fabric is not of good quality, then there is high chance that it will be prone to wear and tear soon.
  • It might not be as soft and comfortable as leather sofas to seat on, especially those who have delicate skin.

So, these were the most notable advantages and disadvantages of leather and fabric sofas. You can now think which sofa material will be suitable to your lifestyle basing on the individual characteristics it possesses. Best of luck with your sofa choice!


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How To Take Care Leather Furniture ?

Dream 2.jpg

Wondering how to keep your leather upholstered furniture clean and shiny for a long time? Here are some tips for you-


Wipe Leather 1


Regular Cleaning

Wipe the leather furniture down regularly with a clean, dry cloth. With leather you can fully remove dust particles from the surface which makes it ideal for dust sensitive persons.



Leather Care 2Read Your Furniture’s Care Instructions:

This goes hand in hand with cleaning instructions. Depending on the type of leather used on your furniture, you need to be very careful when cleaning them. By reading the care instructions first, you can save yourself a lot of disappointment later.


Leather Care 3


Vacuum Cleaning

Using vacuum to clean your leather upholstery is a good idea.




Leather Care 4


Avoid Direct Sunlight:

Avoid placing your furniture in direct sunlight, near windows or under skylights. Leather will fade over time when placed in direct sunlight.


Leather Care 5


Leather Conditioner

You can use safe leather conditioner to rejuvenate the glow of leather upholstery.



Clean Any Spill ImmediatelyLeather Care 6

Though leather sofa leather sofa is harder to stain than fabric upholstery, spills should still be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent discoloration. First, any excess spillage should be carefully removed before it does further damage. A dry, soft cloth can be used to blot the area. If the stain remains after you attempt to wipe it away, sprinkle baking soda on the affected area. Baking soda can help draw out the grease. Leave on for a few hours and then gently brush it off with a rag.


Leather Care 7.jpg



Never Use Harsh Chemicals or Cleaning Agent

Avoid using any harsh chemicals or cleaning agent as it can damage the upholstery.


Leather Care 8Preventative Maintenance:

All leathers perform better when preventative maintenance is practiced. For Aniline and Protected leathers, apply Leather Master Protection Cream to the surface of the leather to help resist staining and prevent overall soiling. It is most important that you treat the high use areas like seats, backs, and arms.



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Double Duty Furniture Ideas For Overnight Guests

Many a time friends and families visit us and we need to arrange extra accommodation for our guests who want to stay overnight. Since now-a-days most of us are living in a compact apartment, so arranging extra beds is not always possible. However, this problem can be resolved if you choose your furniture smartly. Now-a-days many furniture stores sell double duty/multifunctional pieces of furniture which can be of great help to the urban hosts. These are of many kinds, among them some are as follows-

Maple Sofa Bed 2Sofa bed

Sofa-bed is a multi-functional furniture which can be a modular sofa by day and Sofa bed by night, thus can be a great piece for your living room. During the day sit on it, watch TV and gossip with your guests and during night it, maybe paired with a sofa-bed mattress, will provide a comfortable sleeping place. Some of these can even transform into a recliner first and then into a bed. This feature is not only great to sit but also great for you or your guests to lie down, perfect for anyone who lives in a small home. These sofa-beds are highly practical and space saving. You should also check if the chaise sofa is made of high density foam as it is very much required for comfortable sleeping experience. Some of these sofa-beds come to you with added pillows so that when you use it as bed, you will have comfortable matching pillows to sleep on.


Maple Sofa Bed 1

Another double-duty furniture is recliner which is a seamless combination of comfort and utility. Easy to convert into the sleeping position, these versatile recliners doubles as bed. High quality recliners are made with high-density foam padding and contemporary style which make these recliners perfect for when friends and family stay the night! While buying, you should also check if the leather recliner is paired with soft pillow top double layered arm rest or not as it can provide ultra-comfort. This feature will also ensure both comfort and safety.

MapleRecliner Chair

Almost like a recliner, some furniture stores name their transformer as recliner chair. Both of these can recline your position back and lift your feet using a footrest, though there might have some differences basing on their manufacturers. For example- one of my favourites is Dream Recliner by Melbournians Furniture. Constructed with strong metal frame and heavily padded seat, the recliner chair will provide maximum comfort and stability. This classy black ultra-cushioned recliner can transform into a full-length chaise. This handy feature lets you pull your feet up and relax. It is also highly suitable to watch TV while sprawling on the chaise section. See for yourself!

So, no more worries about accommodating friends and families who want to stay overnight. Today’s versatile furniture are always there for your rescue. Just choose the right one for you based on few factors for example the size of your room- there should be enough space for your sofa-bed or recliner when it opens fully. Again, as it is serving you multiple purposes so you should invest in its quality for example high quality leather or durable fabric can be a good option. It will then serve you for long term and your guests will also have a comfortable sleeping experience. Now comes the styling- do not compromise with the style when you dress up the bed for your guests- add a quality pillow, you can even pair your bed with a luxurious sofa bed mattress to impress your guests at the fullest. Now that you are all ready for your guests, so just throw a party, enjoy and be praised by your guests.

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