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Stylish Glass Made Furniture Ideas for the City-dwellers

Furniture in glass has an everlasting appeal of being classic and contemporary at the same time, and glass design is sure to create a shining effect in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Read below to have home décor ideas with stylish glass made furniture.

Luxurious Leather Sofa with Glass Light

diva-500x500 (2)

Wondering how a leather sofa can be made of glass? Well, it necessarily doesn’t have to have complete glass structure. Furniture designers are now designing innovating luxurious sofas which has shining side light covered by glass. This creates a sophisticated illuminating look in a living room. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? If you are living in Australia, then search the online furniture stores to have some idea before actually placing your order.

Sturdy Tempered Glass Dining Table

z table02-500x500 (2)

If you are fascinated towards glass furniture and want to have at least one piece of glass made furniture in every room of your home, then pay special attention to dining tables. As it is one of the center pieces of your home. You usually entertain your close guests over there. And also, don’t forget about any party at your home. Won’t it be nice to entertain your guests with tasty, mouth watering dishes while serving those on a stunning glass top dining table?

Stunning Glass Top Coffee Table

coffee table step BL-500x500 (2)

Pay attention to the same details mentioned in the glass dining table section. The top of the coffee table should be strong and sturdy enough to hold snacks tray and your coffee pot.

Stylish TV Unit with Strong Glass Top


The glossy finish of a TV unit having Tempered Glass Top will make a worthy addition in your living space. Choose such TV cabinet which is polished to perfection with a shiny finish for a dazzling look. Again, be sure that thick tempered glass shelf is added for ensuring safety. Top of the TV cabinet should be strong enough to accommodate any television unit and few necessary entertainment items.

Table Lamps with Dazzling Glass Beads

Now that you have covered the functional furniture pieces, let’s come to the home décor part. For this, you can choose crystal table lamp which have crystal or glass beads. The light of the crystal table lamp will then refract a whole spectrum of colour, creating a beautiful prism effect.

Glass Furniture will make a functional furniture piece cum stylish home décor items. These will instantly grab the attention of your guests with the shiny, bright look. So, go ahead and glam up your home with glass made furniture right away.

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Office Furniture

Guide to Choose Stylish and Functional Office Furniture in Melbourne

Selecting the proper range of office furniture can be a stressful task as you have to keep in mind both the style and functionality. A well decorated office should have such furniture which are very much comfortable, functional and have an inviting look. There are lots of options available in Australia for you to choose from. If you are living in Melbourne area, then you can find some online furniture sites are providing the delivery also. So, buying your office furniture are just a click away from you with our following tips-

Material: This is one of the most important factors of selecting any furniture.  There are lots of option to choose for your office furniture. These can be made of wood, MDF etc. and can be upholstered by leather, fabric or leatherette etc.  If you like vintage look in your office, then go for wooden furniture. Again, if you like more modern look then choose such office desk which has glass on it and for office chairs, you can choose leather upholstered ones.

Shape: Office desks are available in different kinds of shapes for example- rectangular, round, square, oval etc. Thus, you will find so many options in the furniture stores of Melbourne. All of them have their pros and cons like round desk is very much suitable to place in the middle of a room and also convenient for a small room as many people can seat around it. Again, you can use divider in between joint desks so that each employee has his/her own working zone.

Available Space: Check how much space is available in your office for placing the desksbook case and chairs. It is better to take proper measurement and then buy accordingly. It will save you from the unwanted hassle of changing your newly bought furniture due to lack to space.

Budget: You should think about it beforehand while you are planning to decorate your office. Now-a-days, many furniture stores in Melbourne offer variety of office furniture at different costs. So, it will not cost you a fortune to buy it, you just have to search at the correct website or furniture store. You will find some stores in Melbourne are offering trendy desks and matching chairs at the best possible prices.

Finally, make sure the store takes good care during packaging and transporting of your items to your office. It will save you from unwanted hassle of returning the product or wasting your hard-earned money. Happy shopping!

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